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MW-31 Automatic TCT Saw Blade Top and Face Grinding Machine

PLC Automatic TCT Saw Blade Top and Face Grinding Machine
For machining all tooth geometries of TCT circular saw blades

Allows any tooth geometry to be ground at the face or top in a single revolution, with different teeth in cluster arrangements and with different chamfer and bevel angles, and for saw blades used to cut wood, plastic, steel and non-ferrous metals.

Features of the machine:
1. For TCT blade face, top & angle grinding.
2. Taking use of PLC controller in English version, easy to operate the machine through Touch Screen.
3. Tooth form on the touch screen mainly include:  Flat tooth, LR, L bevel, R bevel, LRF, RLF, Trapezoidal tooth, H L tooth, LLLR, RRRL, LRLRF, RLRLF, Triangular tooth, LFRF, LLLRF, RRRLF.
4.The front & back angle can be grinded by one machine after adjusting the grinding wheel. 
5. Short grinding times, reduced ancillary times, excellent grinding results.
6. Easy to operate ( all main functions set and activated at PLC control panel )
7. Comprehensive software integrated
8. Easy loading and unloading of machine
TCT blade outer diameter       80~810mm   ( or adjust the machine for OD 1200mm )
Inner diameter                   10~120mm
Tip width                 7mm
Tooth pitch                     7~100m
Thickness of basal body:      1mm~5mm
Rotational speed of grinder:         6000RPM
Front & back angle:          -3~+30
Grinding distance:             16mm
**grinding speed
infinitely variable speed              0.5~6 mm/s
grinding teeth              18T/min
** grinding wheel
outer diameter                      125mm
inner diameter                      32mm
line speed                     26m/s
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