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MW-33 Automatic TCT Saw Blade Dual Side Grinding Machine
This machine is designed specially for double side grinding the teeth of circular saw blades. The aim is to provide a clean and an undamaged cutting edge for the materials used. This Double Side Grinder features two grinding motors, double grinding wheels, PLC control, servo feed system, synchronized world Standards in the processing accuracy and stability of the equipment to do a lager raise. 

Technical data
1. Touch screen in English version, the parameter settings.
2. English operation interface, easy-to-understand, easy to use.
3. Servo knife device, precise positioning, and greatly to ensure product precision grinding.
4. High quality, precision castings, machined parts greatly extend equipment life.
5. Using three sets of servo system for system control, and over all product stability and machining accuracy.
6. Simple, easy operation, easy maintenance, a person can operate 6 devices. Greatly enhance the production efficiency and reduce costs.
TCT blade outer diameter       80~810mm 
Inner diameter                   10~120mm
Tip width                 7mm
Tooth pitch                     7~100m
Thickness of basal body:      1mm~5mm
Rotational speed of grinder:         6000RPM

**grinding speed
infinitely variable speed              0.5~6 mm/s
grinding teeth              18T/min

**cooling pump
flow                50  L/min
volume             85 L

main power                   1.65 KW
machine net weight    1000kg
machine dimensions (L x W x H)        1650 x 1600 x 2000 mm
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