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Automatic TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped Brazing Machine
Automatic TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped Brazing Machine

Technical parameters
Ⅰ.Circular saw out diameter:100- 790 mm ( 100 - 500mm or 100 - 790 mm for choice )
Ⅱ.Circular saw core diameter:≥12mm 
Ⅲ.Circular saw thickness:>0.7mm
Ⅳ.Saw hook angle:-20°~+40
Ⅴ.Cutter bit length:4.2-14mm
Ⅵ.Cutter bit width:1.9-8mm
Ⅶ.Cutter bit thickness:1.2-6.5mm
Ⅷ.Generator power:6.0Kw
Ⅸ.Generator frequency:1.1MHZ
Ⅹ.Temperature scope:300℃-120℃
ⅩⅠ.Welding tips width:>1.2mm
ⅩⅡ.Welding tips thickness:>0.15mm
ⅩⅡⅠ: Welding only wire or only slice or available for both wire and slice

Need to clarify before order:
1. outer diameter of TCT saw blade size
2. brazing what material: wire or slice or available for both wire or slice
3. brazing tip lacation: side brazing or middle brazing 
Main functions
Ⅰ.Cutter bit select, welding tips cut off, flux application and welding are processed automatically;
Ⅱ.Accurate welding alignment; firmed welding strength & stable welding quality;
Ⅲ.Welding & temperature can be set up to demands and suitable for any kinds of precise welding.
Ⅳ.Graphical touch screen for easily operation
Ⅴ. Firmed structure and basement.

All specifications,design,characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

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