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Automatic Carbide Saw Polishing Machine

Function: for carbide saw surface polishing

Features of the machine:
1.  Easy operation
2.  Wet polishing, Water cooling system
3.  No deform, clear lines and high accuracy
4.  Auto braking stop system
5.  Rusty surface instantly look brand-new
Technical data:

Range of outside diameter: 80-800mm
Wheel outer diameter size:250mm
Shaft Diameter: Ф25.4mm Ф30mm
Polishing wheel speed: 1440r/min
Chassis automatic adjustment speed: 0-200r/min
Connected load: 2.4kw
Voltage: 220/380V

Operating pressure: 6bar
Content of coolant tank: 80L
Dimensions: 1700 *1650 *1400mm
Gross Weight: 750 kg

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