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S-620 Semi-Auto HSS Coldsaw Grinding Machine
Be used for sharpen & open & chamfer of coldsaw with high-low teeth grinding adjustment.

Technical data:
Saw blade diameter : Φ65---Φ620
Pitch range :Max.25mm
Tooth depth: Max.8mm
Range of cutting angle:   °- 30°
Feeding speed : 45-180T/min
Thickness of saw blade : Max.8mm
Grinding wheel diameter: Φ70---Φ150
Wheel Speed :  4200r/m(60HZ)
Transmission motor :1/2HP
Wheel motor : 1/3 HP
Net weight: 180kg
Machine dimensions(L*W*H): 800*800*1410

1        Easy to operate
2        The cutting angle ,tooth shape and tooth depth on the saw are easy to adjust with a high precision , sharp and durable.
3        Quick adjustments can be made according to various thickness of the copy saw bits .
4        The heat section can be adjust or swinged upward or forward willingly .
5        Coping and beveling can be made without exchange the abrasive disk .


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