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MW-100 Automatic Carbide-tipped Bandsaw Blade Top and Face Grinding Machine

MW-100 Automatic Carbide-tipped Bandsaws Blades Top and Face Grinding Machine

Features of the machine:
1. Automatic feeding and compensation, whole machine with 3 pcs stepping motor
2. Automatic Lifting Numbers to fix the band saw width
3. Angle automatic measurement
4. Automatic record
5. Automatic indexing sharpen top and face angle or clean teeth oxidizing material
6. Sharpen many kinds of tooth types, such as Ladder flat teeth, Metal teeth
7. Sharpen different teeth pitch
Technical data:
Grinding wheel angle:0-45°
Grinding thickness:0.5-5 mm
Teeth pitch:up to 45 mm
Feeding speed:0.5-6 mm/s
Grinding speed:8-15 T/minute
Grinding wheel diameter:∮125mm
Rotate speed:26 m/s
Cooling capacity:40kg
Main power:1.5kw
Machine weight:700kg
Machine size (LWH):3000mm * 950mm * 1800mm

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