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Manual TCT Carbide Tip High Frequency Welder

MW-04AC  Manual TCT Carbide Tip High Frequency Welder With Welding Stand

For repair broken carbide tips

1. Heating power, retaining power, heating time, retaining time and cooling time can be preset and adjustable, this makes it possible to control the heating curve and heating time.
2. It is suitable to use in the repeated heating or high speed heating of small parts;
3. When using in brazing, with proper timing parameters, rapid heating and retaining can be achieved to keep the temperature while the brazing material is melted and then to let the brazing material spread smoothly to form good joint.

Main charecteristics:
1、Input power: 1--4KW
2、Oscillating frequency: 100—250KHZ
3、Input voltage: 220V single phase, 50 or 60HZ
4、Cooling water desire:  0.2Mpa, 2 L/min
5、Duty cycle: 80%                                 
6、Heating time, Retaining time and cooling time: 0.1—9.9 sec.
7、Weight: 18KG
8、Size: L46×W20×H44

Main applications:
Brazing of saw blades, Heat treatment of small parts, etc.
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